Wheels up: why I’m blogging

This is your captain speaking. 

No, it’s your travel lover who decided to start a blog. Before I dive into my travel content, I’d like to start with a post about why I’m doing this in the first place. I’ve been talking about starting a blog for a few months. Every time I tell someone about it, I follow up with, “it’ll just be for fun!”

Then I stumbled across a travel blogger who said everyone should have the goal of monetizing their blog. Her rationale was that nobody should be doing all of the work that goes into blogging just for fun. While my goal isn’t to monetize my blog, her advice made me think.

I’m not doing this just for fun. I’m a copywriter at an advertising agency. My role involves concepting social media content, and I knew that was an area I wanted to explore more. Last year, I decided to make an effort on my personal Instagram page to see what works and what doesn’t.

I learned about photo editing tools, played with hashtags and read about strategies to increase engagement organically. At the time, I had an upcoming trip to Europe and a passion for exploring the world, so I decided to focus my Instagram photos on travel.

Now I want to take my Instagram photos one step deeper with this blog. I believe we have to go beyond the photos and dig into the stories behind them while providing information that’s meaningful to others.

After answering so many travel-related questions for friends and strangers, I’ve learned the knowledge I’ve collected over my years of traveling is useful and that I love sharing it. Photos are nice, but do they help anyone? I hope my followers can visit this blog and see what’s going on behind the camera (errrr, my iPhone).

And on the flip side, by learning more about SEO, web content development, WordPress (what’s a widget fidget?), I’ll grow professionally as well. So no, I’m not trying to make a living off of blogging, but this is more than just something that I’m doing for fun.

If you’re a stranger who stumbled onto this page, say hello, leave a comment and let’s chat. If you’re a friend and have wondered why I almost exclusively post travel photos when you know that I’m spending most nights on my couch watching Netflix, now you get it. 

Now get your passports ready and let’s prepare this cabin for departure. We have places to go!

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