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Hi, I’m Meghan. 

The name Meg Straight Up was born at the JFK airport after a few glasses of wine — just before an overnight flight to Iceland.

Back then, my Instagram handle was an awful decision from my early 20s: @meghan_e_smith. I wanted to be a decent human and change it to something that would be easier for people to type. But all of the handles I could think of were taken because #2017problems.

As we finished up at the airport bar, I asked my friend the obnoxious question I had been repeating for months, “what should I change my Instagram handle to?”

Shannon suggested @megstraightup. Our flight was about to board, so I didn’t have much time to think about it. By the time we took off for Iceland, it was done. A good decision that I made while tipsy? Cheers to that.

Now my Instagram handle is the name of my travel blog. My goal in writing each post is to help readers get ideas for their trips. I’ll share useful information that I’ve accumulated over many years of collecting stamps in my passport.

And bits of useless information, too. Like how I learned to kayak at Girl Scout camp when I was 12 and therefore thought I should be in charge of a kayaking outing in Bali that resulted in going nowhere fast. It happens.

You’ll find a mixed blend of adventures here. From hikes to rooftop bars, and fancy to no-frills. Right now, I prioritize international travel over domestic travel in the United States. And I love Delta Air Lines.

When I’m not asking my friends obnoxious questions in airport bars, I can be found working as a senior copywriter for a marketing and advertising agency in Atlanta.